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Monday, June 21, 2004
On Hiatus

In case you didn't pick up on my none too subtle hints recently, the wife and I are relocating to Texas, leaving tomorrow. This is why blogging has been light the last few days, and why it will pretty much be non-existent for the next week and a half or so (unless we happen to stay in a hotel with free Internet access one night). Even though we move in to our new home on Saturday, we likely won't have phone service until the following Friday, and, even if we did, they can't install the DSL service until September 6 (anyone work for SBC know how to either speed this up, or waive the early cancelation fee so I can go with another provider?).

If you want me to email you when I post again (a one time service, not any kind of mailing list), email me at ottoscoffeeshop at yahoo dot com and I'll send out an update when I'm back.

So go forth my friends, and read other blogs. Or go outside and play frisbee. It's summer, doncha know?

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